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They live about an hour and half away from us in Reading, Pennsylvania. We had a lovely visit and a delicious dinner prepared by my daughter. We talked and their dog and cat entertained us, as pets do. When my husband and I got home—well past my usual bedtime—my husband discovered that my author copies of my new book, A Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast , had been delivered to our house while we were away.

What a perfect end to my Saturday! I realize that this book is not the type of book most people will rush out to buy for their personal libraries—although I would be pleased if you do! However, if you think it is a book that might be useful for any businesses you know of, or schools, or libraries, please do recommend it. I wrote several of the entries, and I compiled and edited the entire volume, but I also had the help of scholars from all over the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Poland, Romania, Argentina, and Nigeria.

The book covers nearly everything you could want to know about breasts—breast anatomy, breast cancer, breast augmentation and reduction, breasts in art, literature, movies, and pop culture, breasts in fashion, topless protests, breasts in history, and more. He finds the box more interesting than the books. Unfortunately, this has left me little time to post to my blog or visit the blogs of others. I apologize and hope to have more time later in the fall. It covers everything you always wanted to know about breasts in history, art, fashion, literature, movies, popular culture, and science.

It should be out in October, or perhaps even before that. You can read the review here:.

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As the deadline approaches GULP! Contributors dropping out; contributors not coming through with acceptable articles; contributors who plagiarize.


But I have also had some wonderful articles submitted. So it goes.

The bridal shower has past and the wedding will soon be here. There will be more on that topic in the future. With so much going on, my husband and I did not even attempt to make vacation plans, but we have taken a few hours here and there to visit places in the area.

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My husband and I stood for free with the mob. We cheered and jeered as Edith Piaf introduced celebrated figures from the past to help bring about revolution. Or something. Well, we all know from Les Miz that revolutions need songs. And apparently they need line dances, too. You can see more about it here. If you are ever in Philadelphia, visit this museum.

It is fascinating. Research Interests. Teaching Experience. Teaching Philosophy. Contact Me. This page is updated periodically but may not have very recent publications. Please contact me should there be anything specific you are trying to find. Please also contact me regarding manuscripts that are under review or are otherwise unpublished. Journal Articles Berger, I. Rowe, R. Risk and blood-borne virus testing among men who inject image and performance enhancing drugs, Sydney, Australia.

Berger, I. Cognition in chronic kidney disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Medicine, 14 DOI Pragmatics, 26 4 , Global distribution of businesses marketing stem cell-based interventions. Cell Stem Cell, 19 , Do continuing states of incipient talkexist? Journal of Pragmatics, 91 , Interventions to reduce sexual prejudice: A study-space analysis andmeta-analytic review.

The Journal of Sex Research, 51 4 , Review articles about special interest groups: Difficult but rewarding. Informed consent in clinical research with youths. PsyPAG Quarterly, 85 , The development of obstetric forceps by the barber-surgeon Peter Chamberlen marks the start of male involvement in live births. Thomas Venners work Via Recta rst uses the term obesity, describing it as an occupational hazard of the genteel classes.

English physician William Harvey rst describes the circulation of blood throughout the body. One of the rst recorded cases of an intersex individual being persecuted in a court of law on American soil is documented. Royal decree to end footbinding in China. Despite the ban, footbinding peaks during the Qing dynasty The rst known blood transfusion involving a human recipient and an animal donor takes place. Dutch microscopist Anton van Leeuwenhoek identies sperm by examining semen under a microscope.

Introduction of the idea of blood quantum in the United States to measure racial status. Life of Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish physician and biologist who divides Homo sapiens into four racial groupsAfricanus, Americanus, Asiaticus, and Europeanus.

The rst known monograph on menopause is written by Simon David Titius. Life of Pieter Camper, Dutch anatomist and anthropologist. Campers theory of the facial angle is used by Charles Darwin as proof of his theory of evolution.

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body

Life of philosopher Immanuel Kant, who argues against the attempt to use physical science to understand questions properly belonging to philosophy. Medical profession in Europe begins a crusade against the corset. Life of Franz Joseph Gall, the father of phrenology. French court hairdresser Legros de Rumigny institutionalizes the education of hairdressers.

Captain James Cooks rst voyage to the South Pacic. Tattooing is largely reputed to have been reintroduced to European culture as a result of his voyages. French Revolution. Wigs go out of style, as do other ostentatious signs of wealth and status. The corset is replaced for a short time in France by a cloth brassiere. Life of German surgeon Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach. He lays claim to inventing modern rhinoplasty, which he performs without anesthetic. It is believed that the practice of head slashing among the Hamadsha originates with them.

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Craniometry is an important part of the physical anthropology. Saartjie Baartman, a Khoi slave from what is now South Africa, is taken to London to be displayed as an ethnological curiosity. She is also called Hottentot Venus. French physician C. Life of Susan B. Anthony, American feminist, who decries the corset as an impediment to womens equality. English astronomer Sir John Herschel suggests methods for grinding and molding glass lenses to be placed directly upon the cornea. Clitoridectomy is rst formally reported as a viable medical treatment in an edition of the British medical journal The Lancet. Karl August Weinhold, German physician and scientist, advocates mandatory inbulation for all those deemed unt to reproduce. In the nineteenth century, inbulation is also promoted as a cure for masturbation.

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Scientists discover the existence of the ovum, the female egg. Padaung, long-necked women from Burma, are taken to England and paid to be displayed as ethnological freaks in the Bertram Mills Circus. Modern photography invented. Development of the rst minstrel shows, consisting of a variety of skits designed to mock African American stereotypes, from demeanor to appearance. Jean Werly, Swiss tailor, establishes the rst factory to weave seamless corsets, making them distinctly less expensive and thus more popular with the working classes.

George Catlin, painter and ethnologist, carries out the rst detailed study of the O-Kee-Pa, a chest suspension ritual of the Native American Mandan tribe. It establishes teratology, the study of anomalous bodies and birth defects. Development of anesthesia.