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An elderly person with severe depression may occasionally be misdiagnosed as having dementia. A person with dementia may also become depressed.

Caregiver Training: Agitation and Anxiety - UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program

More about depression. If you are looking after someone with dementia you may be entitled to specialist help. If you are out during the day you may want to think about using a day centre. These provide care and activities such as reminiscence therapy for people with dementia. They are run by local health authorities, social services, voluntary organisations and some nursing and residential homes. Transport to them is often provided. You may also need to consider residential or nursing care for the person you are looking after.

Residential homes provide meals and activities and help residents with washing, dressing, baths etc. However, people with dementia who also have physical problems or whose behaviour cannot be managed by non-professional staff will need the care offered in a nursing home. How much you pay for residential care will depend on your situation and varies from area to area.

Social services can provide help, including aids and adaptations to the home, meals on wheels, home care, respite care, day care, and residential and nursing care.


Some social services provide more help than others and you may have to pay for some of the services, depending on how much money you have. Where people have control over the the social care and support they receive, this is known as self-directed support. Many people with dementia are not entitled to local authority social services because their needs may not be assessed to be severe enough or because they have too much in savings or income.

These people have to arrange their own social care, for example help at home, assistance with shopping or daily tasks. People with dementia who are entitled to local authority social services should be offered the option of having a personal budget. This allows them to have a say in what the money that has been allocated to meet their care needs is spent on.

Dementia: Mind, Meaning and the Person

Some people may like to receive this as a direct payment. Hughes , Stephen J. Louw , Steven R. Dr Stephen J. Professor Steven R. He is currently Professor of Psychology at Georgetown University. Bibliografisk information. Demented person: I'm going to bed!

Me: Huh? Demented person: Can I kiss you?

Dementia | Mental Health Foundation

Dementia unknown. See Baby Boomers. That law, Prop 13 , was passed by a bunch of Baby Boomers suffering from dementia. Demented place, where everyone and the place itself is demented , madhouse.

Realm of the demented inside your mind, whenever you lose your mind your in dementia. My house is freakin dementia.

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When i'm too stressed i'm just floating around in dementia.