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We are using current frequency as a predictor for what happens in the future. In other words, how often this thing occurs is a constant value. Example: I know that Omni Calculator's website received visits from search engines this week. A week is a perfect time unit to measure for us, since the traffic strongly follows a weekly pattern weekends are quiet, working days are when people come in larger numbers. While monthly traffic is less interesting for me, as a month is a less uniform unit days, different number of weekend days, etc.

It comes up in conversations, it's a base unit of time in many fields for reasons unknown to me why are salaries usually paid per month? It completely ignores the growth factor. Us the exponential growth prediction tool to see what some value would be if it grows by a certain percentage in a given period of time. The compound interest calculator does a similar thing, but it measures something per amount of time, not per unit of time.

And finally, the rule of 72 calculator simply tells you how much time something needs to double if it follows an exponential growth pattern. Reverse Time Calculator can be embedded on your website to enrich the content you wrote and make it easier for your visitors to understand your message.

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I seriously question whether this has anything to do with "physicists reversing time. I'm no physicist, but wouldn't it be more accurate to describe this experiment as reversing 'entropy' and not 'time'? A similar article was posted in the magazine Scientific American over 55 years ago.

There is no reason to believe that a "quantum computer" has any more relevance than whimsy. Computers in any configuration, including A.

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Glorified Tarot card readers have exactly the same accuracy as programmers, zero! These idiots are NOT scientists! This comment has been removed by a moderator. We have some passionate commenters working on this article. The piercing indignation of their burning skepticism is sure to dispel any demons hanging around to cause trouble in science, either now or in the very recent past. Speaking of whimsy, just to annoy the mousie.


How about a speculation about the math of the billiard balls resulting in the observer's inability to tell if there is any difference between the balls traveling forward or backwards in time? With me following speculation that the billiard balls did not travel anywhere.

But rather that the billiard table did the time traveling?

Which leads to the fabulist conclusion for an observation that whatever direction of Time we are traveling In? When will this silliness end? It's merely remote information via photonic recordings that can be 'played back' but NOT actually 'reversing' the objects in reality. So it's dishonest to equate 'playback' with 'time-reversal'. Stop this! Start punishing these hacks! You seem quite addicted to these "stupid analogy" you are always whining about. Since you do not approve of any research results that do not match your delusions of pompous pedagogy?

What masochistic fixation keeps pulling you back in to disappoint yourself all over again? I like that song and Cher signs it with such passion. This is silly. The electron cannot reverse and go back into the past - just as a human cannot go back to yesterday from today since the Earth's rotation has caused the Sun to rise on a new day - and is not about to make the Earth's rotation reverse course.

And a computer cannot reverse time - whether Quantum or otherwise. Reversal of time, if it were possible, even for 1 second, would complicate reality without end.

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Many things could occur within that 1 second that could be detrimental to reality. What would happen to that 1 second? Yes, same here. I thought of the same idea as I read it.

Why Doesn't Time Flow Backwards? (Big Picture Ep. 1/5)

Everyone knows that there are reversals in entropy on very local scale endothermic reactions etc. Ha, I'm waiting for all those headlines to appear in local 'online rags' and extrapolations thereof No, what lives in the human mind is not time, but entropy. We often confuse them because we see increase in entropy as "passage of time," but that is not what time is.

The pool rack being split in the break is not the arrow of time. It's merely the second order results of matter moving in time.

The FT shows that. Mar 14, Perhaps Dark Matter is just "smeared" across time, and we should be looking for it yesterday. Entropy In statistical mechanics, entropy is an extensive property of a thermodynamic system. Under the assumption that each microstate is equally probable, the entropy S is the natural logarithm of the number of microstates, multiplied by the Boltzmann constant kB. For example, the entropy of an ideal gas is proportional to the number of gas molecules N. Still nothing regarding "time" The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases.

Such systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy. Non-isolated systems may lose entropy, provided their environment's entropy increases by at least that amount so that the total entropy increases. Entropy is a function of the state of the system, so the change in entropy of a system is determined by its initial and final states.

In the idealization that a process is reversible, the entropy does not change, while irreversible processes always increase the total entropy. And how do you propose to get back to yesterday to look for DM? It's started. Saw a headline on MSN via a newspaper quote; Scientists have reversed the direction of time with a quantum computer; unquote.

Time is not substantial, and is merely a metrical representation of the evolution of the current state of the universe, originating with quantum charge interactions. It utilizes arbitrary orbital and rotational reference systems, most originating in natural processes. Time is not substantial What is that supposed to even mean? Useless words. Kinda hard to deny the existence of time given the 2LOT. Anonym Unlike you, I am speaking as a real AI expert here. Everything you said in the above is false. Please don't make ignorant crap up.

Learn some real science before commenting on it.

Physicists figure out how to 'reverse time' on minute scale using quantum computer | inews

If one considers time and gravity to be secondary, not primary, effect not cause then it may be a bit imprecise Just wonder how many physicists actually play billiards! Using real world Newtonian type physics objects to describe an analogy to quantum effects is always going to be fraught with failure and confusion. The sensationalist title 'reverse time' works in grabbing our attention.

However its very misleading especially given that we don't really know what time is or if it actually exists - Just a human observation of something else? The one thing for sure is that this is not a 'reversal of time' in any human meaning of the phrase. Mark Thomas, Nice ad-hominem attack! Very persuasive, I am sure, and fair-minded too. But what about the substance of my comment, that the article greatly exaggerated the significance of their findings.

Originated from Russia, true, but published in Scientific Reports, a supposedly reputable peer-reviewed journal, and you read it here. Why publish such silly exaggerations!? Does it help? The endless over-hyped, sensationalized 'science' stories weary me. And many readers are undiscerning enough to actually conclude that time was reversed and entropy violated because of reading an article like this one.