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MET is a form of manual or 'hands-on' therapy used by osteopathic physicians , chiropractors, and physical therapists.

Let's talk about Muscle Energy Technique. Is it just another fad?

In this type of therapy , a patient contracts muscles by pushing against resistance provided by the therapist. The therapist then assists the patient in stretching, strengthening and relaxing those muscles. The goal is to help restore normal muscle and joint mobility. Review question: is MET a safe and effective treatment for people with non-specific low-back pain? Researchers from The Cochrane Collaboration looked for randomised controlled trials a type of clinical study that compared MET to other treatment approaches.

These comparison treatment approaches included no treatment, sham MET treatment, exercise, other manual therapies, ultrasound , electro-therapies, heat therapy and any combination of these approaches. This review included patients with back pain of any duration, from acute less than six weeks duration to chronic greater than 12 weeks duration.

The people in these studies ranged in age from 18 to 65 years and had pain ranging in severity from mild to substantial. They usually had about five sessions of MET, or the comparison treatment s , over a period of about 10 days. The review authors aimed to determine if MET helped to relieve pain or increase a person's ability to do normal activities of daily living, or both.

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Muscle Energy Techniques: A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists

Low-back pain LBP is a common symptom from adolescence into old age. The vast majority of people have acute short-term back pain and recover within a few weeks, with or without treatment. There are many therapies claimed to be useful for the treatment of LBP. Most of these treatments have not been well investigated or have been found to have modest effects in terms of pain relief and improving disability. For many people with LBP, however, even modestly effective treatments can help in coping with symptoms and returning to normal living.

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It is therefore useful to explore the effectiveness of treatments that may assist people with LBP, particularly those treatments such as MET which are non-invasive and are likely to be safe and inexpensive. The Cochrane Collaboration researchers looked for studies randomised controlled trials published through to May and June They included studies where MET was delivered by osteopathic physicians , chiropractors, or physical therapists.

Twelve randomised controlled trials were found that included a total of patients. All patients in these studies had 'non-specific LBP', meaning that there was no identifiable cause for their back symptoms.

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After looking at the evidence, The Cochrane Collaboration review authors included four types of comparison treatments, each divided into acute and chronic pain :. The review authors could not find adequate evidence to make any definitive judgements about the safety or effectiveness of MET. Studies were generally too small and had a high risk of bias , producing unreliable answers about this therapy. There is a need for larger, high-quality studies to determine the effectiveness and safety of MET. At present there is no convincing evidence that MET is effective as a stand-alone therapy or improves the effectiveness as an accompaniment to other therapies.

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The quality of the evidence was poor. The available studies were small and reported only short term outcomes. Most studies were determined to have a high risk of bias because of the way they were designed and conducted. The quality of research related to testing the effectiveness of MET is poor.

Studies are generally small and at high risk of bias due to methodological deficiencies. There is not sufficient evidence to reliably determine whether MET is likely to be effective in practice.

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This case series study was conducted at physical therapy department of North West General Hospital, Peshawar from August to January to find out the effectiveness of muscles energy techniques on cervical range of motion and pain. A total of 20 patients suffering neck pain, both genders having age of 25 - 50 years, cervical ROM limitation and muscles spasm were included in the study. Patients were treated by muscles energy technique MET. Data was analyzed using SPSS version The mean age was The patient treated with muscles energy technique showed clinically improvement in the range of motion and pain.

Results showed that pre and post treatment differences were statistically significant for cervical flexion 0.

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