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Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is that they were actually produced by Bond producer Harry Saltzman, who recruited much of the Bond films' Production Posse to essentially make his own in-house, contrasting "realistic" spy series.

Berlin Game by Len Deighton

Caine returned to the role thirty years later for two more films, Bullet to Beijing and Midnight in Saint Petersburg. The former two were never adapted Horse Under Water would have been next if Billion Dollar Brain had performed better , but the last was adapted separately with the character under the name "Pat Armstrong", his alias in that novel. It has been theorised [ who?

No Little of Deighton's screenplay was actually used on the shoot. Unlike the Bond films , The IPCRESS File was designed to have a somewhat different, mostly rather naturalistic style, with hints of the kitchen sink school, film adaptations of which Saltzman had produced. Saltzman, however, also contracted crew members who had worked on the Bond films, including production designer Ken Adam , film editor Peter Hunt , and film score composer John Barry.

In the film version, Harry Palmer is a British army sergeant forcibly drafted into the security services to work away a prison sentence for black marketeering. He worked first for Army Intelligence , then the Foreign Office.

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He works for the brilliant but slightly duplicitous Colonel Ross. Harry Palmer has much in common with Deighton, including passions for military history Harvey Newbegin complains about his bookshelf contents in Billion Dollar Brain , cooking , and classical music.

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In the mids, two further Harry Palmer films were released, this time with original screenplays and with Michael Caine returning to the role. Evidence of Michael Caine's popular identification as Harry Palmer can be seen in movies such as Blue Ice , where he plays an ex-spy named 'Harry', and who has many similarities to Harry Palmer. In Kingsman: The Secret Service , Caine portrays the bespectacled head of a secret espionage unit.

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The Harry Palmer Quartet by Len Deighton

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In the film, Harry Palmer is shown making coffee in the beginning of the film.

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As mentioned by Michael Caine in his autobiography, the film also gave birth to one of the most seductive scenes in the history of movies. There is a scene in the film when Sue Lloyd asks Michael if he always wears his glasses.

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Harry is dispatched to East Berlin to arrange the defection of a Russian Communist agent but things are not what they seem. Guy Hamilton also gave personal touches to the film as he had a background of working for British military intelligence during World War II. The entire film has Berlin at its core and the features of the German city has a presence throughout.

Harry Palmer

Oscar nominee, Ken Russell helmed the third film in the Harry Palmer series. Ken Russell was not interested in directing the film but an earlier contract forced him to. Michael Caine performed all the stunts that were assigned to him and in one instance, almost fell into freezing waters. When MGM released the film in , 31 seconds of the film were missing.

A scene involving Michael Caine and Francoise Dorleac was found to be too violent and was chopped heavily.