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On his last combat deployment, Lt. James Reece's entire team was killed in an ambush that also claimed the lives of the aircrew sent in to rescue them.

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But when those dearest to him are murdered on the day of his homecoming, Reece discovers that this was not an act of war by a foreign enemy but a conspiracy that runs to the highest levels of government. Now, with no family and free from the military's command structure, Reece applies the lessons that he's learned in over a decade of constant warfare toward revenge. Described as 'the best thriller of the year' Sunday Express, the No.

A cat-and-mouse suspense thriller featuring Bill Hodges, a retired cop who is tormented by 'the Mercedes massacre', a case he never solved.

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Brady Hartsfield, perpetrator of that notorious crime, has sent Hodges a taunting letter. Best-selling author Jasper Fforde begins an effervescent new series.

It's Easter in Reading - a bad time for eggs - and no one can remember the last sunny day. Humpty Dumpty, well-known nursery favourite, large egg, ex-convict and former millionaire philanthropist, is found shattered beneath a wall in a shabby area of town. The discovery of a dead body in the woods on Thanksgiving Weekend brings Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his colleagues from the Surete du Quebec to a small village in the Eastern Townships.

Gamache cannot understand why anyone would want to deliberately kill well-loved artist Jane Neal, especially any of the residents of Three Pines - a place so free from crime it doesn't even have its own police force. One frozen January morning at 5am, Inspector Wallander responds to what he believes is a routine call out. When he reaches the isolated farmhouse he discovers a bloodbath. An old man has been tortured and beaten to death, his wife lies barely alive beside his shattered body, both victims of a violence beyond reason.

Wallander's life is a shambles.

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His wife has left him, his daughter refuses to speak to him, and even his ageing father barely tolerates him. DCI Jim Daley is sent from the city to investigate a murder after the body of a woman is washed up on an idyllic beach on the West Coast of Scotland. Far away from urban resources, he finds himself a stranger in a close-knit community.

Love, betrayal, fear and death stalk the small town, as Daley investigates a case that becomes more deadly than he could possibly imagine, in this compelling Scottish crime novel infused with intrigue and dark humour. Politics has always been a dirty game. Now justice is, too.

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The company appeals to the Mississippi Supreme Court, whose nine justices will one day either approve the verdict or reverse it. An innocent man is about to be executed. Only a guilty man can save him. For every innocent man sent to prison, there is a guilty one left on the outside. He doesn't understand how the police and prosecutors got the wrong man, and he certainly doesn't care.

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He just can't believe his good luck. Time passes and he realizes that the mistake will not be corrected: the authorities believe in their case and are determined to get a conviction. When an year-old boy is found murdered, forensic evidence and reliable eyewitnesses undeniably point to the town's popular Little League coach. But the jailed suspect, arrested in a public spectacle, has an alibi, and further research convinces Detective Ralph Anderson that the coach was indeed out of town. So how can he have been in two places at the same time?

The classic legal thriller and huge bestseller from master of the genre John Grisham. David Zinc has it all: Big firm, big salary, life in the lawyer's fast lane. Until the day he snaps and throws it all away. A self-styled 'boutique' firm with only two partners, Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are ambulance-chasing street lawyers who hustle nickel-and-dime cases, dreaming of landing the big win. Dave Robicheaux has been warned that he's on somebody's hit list, and now the homicide detective is trying to discover just who that is before he ends up dead. Meanwhile he has taken on the murder investigation of a young black girl found dead in the Bayou swamp.

Robicheaux uncovers a web of corruption that leads him to a terrifying confrontation with the one horror he fears most of all. I was expecting to enjoy this book but the writing style was laboured and cliched. It felt dated and without nuance. Lovers of this genre must have given this the thumbs up for it to achieve its awards but I was so unimpressed that I doubt I could be enticed to read another book from this author.

Very well performed, different accents for characters and gripping as hell. Narrator was good. Enjoyed the flavour of NOLA it conjured up.

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But honestly I was waiting for it to heat up, get interesting, but it never did. I have read or listened to all of the Robicheaux stories and think this is the best. Also, Will Patton is, by far, the best narrator in the audio series because of his ability to create an infinite number of voices and personalities. He makes the story run like a movie in your head. I was slightly disappointed that Clete receded in the second half of the plot but, overall, it was hard to switch off. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

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